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If you are unfortunate enough to be in a car accident, the best action to take would be to immediately get in touch with a seasoned car accident lawyer. An accomplished Hialeah car accident lawyer can assist you in handling whatever losses you suffered in the course of the accident. The lawyer will assist you to minimize the intricate paperwork and trouble that comes when dealing with accident insurance claims. The awareness of when it is imperative to get in touch with Miamilawyers360 is vital and will help you avoid the loss of vast amounts of money and ultimately assist in obtaining a favorable settlement to your legal situation.

Unless you are an accomplished car accident lawyer, you cannot determine how much compensation you should rightfully receive. Miamilawyers360 are experienced and have handled numerous such cases and can determine if the compensation offered you is too little or sufficient. They are also accomplished at numerous other issues such as wrongful death lawsuits, property destruction, and personal injury and liability claims. Hialeah car accident lawyers are conversant with State and City laws, and have courtroom experience that will help you obtain fair monetary compensation covering the damages or losses incurred during the accident.

Have you been in a car accident lately? Most car accidents that result in injuries for a protracted period dictate that you engage the services of a personal injury lawyer in order to achieve the most appropriate conclusion. If you were not at fault, you need to lawyer up and receive rightful compensation. Why not take advantage of the professional services offered by Miamilawyers360 and they will help you turn your case to a good account?

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Experienced and Dependable Hialeah Car Accident Lawyers

Car accidents are a common occurrence in Florida. Regardless of how experienced you are, you could find yourself involved in a critical accident. You could also find yourself with serious injuries even when it is the other party completely at fault.

Never wait until you are in an accident to find experienced and dependable Hialeah car accident lawyers. Once you are in an accident and have critical injuries, you might find it quite challenging to make the right decisions. It is prudent to get in touch with a car accident and injury lawyer that you can trust prior to getting in an accident.

Reasons to Seek Services from Hialeah Car Accident Lawyers

In the event that you are in an accident, an experienced and dependable attorney enhances your chances of securing fair compensation. Even when you are liable for the accident, you can still get compensation for injuries you incur. Without the assistance of top Hialeah car accident lawyers, you will not be conversant with the legal provisions relevant to your situation.

A woman calling an attorney after a car accident.

At Miamilawyers360, we expeditiously assess your case and offer you legal guidance on the way forward. As top Hialeah car accident lawyers, we are a trusted and experienced law firm with years of legal practice. Choosing our services means that you get the benefit of remuneration through a brokered process that we are convinced is fair to you.

We Seek Fair and Acceptable Compensation for You

We know that it is characteristic for insurance firms to propose speedy determinations to cases with the hope that injured motorists will accept low settlements. While that helps them maintain profitability in the business, victims of accidents are robbed through unjust compensation. Insurance companies prefer to settle out of court because they are aware that might result in lower compensation. We are top Hialeah car accident lawyers, and skilled negotiators with the experience to drive a hard bargain to ensure you receive equitable monetary redress.

As one of the best Hialeah car accident lawyers, we are available to partner with you and spiritedly tackle your legal battles. We have sufficient knowledge and experience to take on every case, either through negotiated settlements or through a court process. Since we never charge for consultations, why not book the first appointment to speak with us about your case without a charge?

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

At Miamilawyers360, our representation is based on a contingent fee. What it means is that you only pay us once we have successfully negotiated a settlement that is favorable to you. Talk to us because we understand car accident law and are in a position to offer you adequate and appropriate legal representation. We also have the legal expertise to correctly assess the magnitude of your injuries or damages.

At Miamilawyers360, we determine what fair compensation you are depending on a number of factors. No matter how difficult the process of accident claims might be, we have the legal capacity to pursue a favorable conclusion to your case. We consider all factors including physical injuries, medical bills, loss of income, and whether you suffered from anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). As your Hialeah car accident lawyers, we also consider the damages that occurred on your vehicles, the cost of repairing it, and many other factors.

Florida Car Accident Statistics

Unfortunately, Florida takes the dubious position as a leading state in fatal car accidents. It is the third-highest state in the country, and Miami tops the state. There is a very good reason why you need the services of Hialeah car accident lawyers.

A report by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle indicates that in 2018, Miami had 64,627 car accidents resulting in 293 deaths. 2019 witnessed a decrease in car accidents with a reported 64,495, although there were higher fatalities with 335 people killed. In 2020, Miami-Dade County still had the highest number of accident injuries and fatalities in Florida. A total of 51,406 accidents occurred resulting in 24,188 injuries and 335 fatalities.

When a fatal car accident occurs, the implications are far-reaching. The loved ones left behind lose someone they probably depended on for finances, advice, and for guardianship. In such situations, it is advisable to talk to Hialeah car accident lawyers and seek fair entitlement.

What to Do After a Car Accident

Taking these steps after an auto accident can help significantly should you file a claim:

Contact Police

The moment a car accident occurs, the first thing you must do is find out if anyone has been injured. If injuries have occurred, regardless of how minor you think they might be, call 911 to get assistance from first responders. That helps the police and ambulance arrive at the scene as quickly as possible.

Exchange Information

Even without injuries, it is essential to call 911 if the accident is obstructing traffic or constitutes a hazard. If no obstruction or danger is posed, and the accident is negligible, you can exchange contact and insurance information. You should then file a police report individually, and make sure you never admit liability.

Two motorists exchanging information after a rear-end auto accident.

Never Admit Fault

It becomes very difficult for you to get any form of compensation for damages from the accident if you admit liability. You also run the risk of getting slapped with a personal injury lawsuit. The other party can use your police statement against you when filing a lawsuit. That is why it is essential that you call us at Miamilawyers360 as soon as possible. You can count on us for appropriate advice on the way forward.

Seek Medical Attention

It is important that you remain at the scene as stipulated in Florida law section 316.065. Leaving might land you in trouble and is often regarded in law as “hit and run.” Never hesitate to seek medical attention especially if you have suffered some form of pain or injury. Medical records constitute crucial evidence that your Hialeah car accident lawyers need to corroborate your claims.

Record The Scene

Documenting the scene is very crucial. Photographs of damages incurred by the vehicles in connection to the other party’s vehicle will later form part of the evidence. It is also imperative to document any injuries sustained. Regardless of how you feel, getting immediate medical attention is essential because only a doctor’s evaluation can ascertain the extent of your injuries.

Call a Car Accident Lawyer!

You should also get in touch with Hialeah car accident lawyers as soon as possible.

What to Expect From a Car Accident Settlement

On average, you can expect about $20,000 for your car settlement. The figure could go down to about $14,000 or reach about $28,000 depending on a number of factors. You can expect a higher settlement if you have suffered from long-term or permanent injuries.

Settlements for injury claims that are not major can be one and a half to three times the cost you incurred on medical care. Never accept a first offer that an insurance company makes for your car unless it is appropriate and sufficient value for your car or for the repair of damages to the car. The benefit of engaging Hialeah car accident lawyers is that they will give personalized attention to your case.

Reasons to Hire the Services of Auto Accident Lawyers

Our attorneys can help your car accident claim thanks to their experience with:

Case Preparation and Filing a Lawsuit

At Miamilawyers360, we are well versed with courtroom procedures and know what to expect. We are absolutely meticulous when assessing car accident cases. We assist you in scrutinizing and understanding specific details about the accident before you make a courtroom appearance. This helps you testify with respect to facts relevant to the car accident.

Trial Preparation and Representation

We also help reinforce your testimony using diagrams and photographs to validate the case. Before the case begins, we assist you in obtaining the approximate costs of repairing your car from creditable auto repair shops. We also help you get approximate costs of medical attention from a certified medical healthcare professional. Hiring Hialeah car accident lawyers is an important step when you need assistance in recovering merited damages.

Injuries Commonly Caused by Car Accidents

Most injuries are sustained from rear or side-impact accidents. Head and brain injuries are very common in car accidents. You might suffer from traumatic brain injuries, or incur skull fractures. You might also have internal and external bleeding from the brain and could get other severe injuries that require serious surgery, or could result in long-term or permanent damages.

Neck and spinal injuries are also very common and could cause paralysis, or result in term or permanent and perineal pain. You could also suffer from injuries to your chest and back. These never heal easily because they are complicated. It is difficult to detect soft tissue injuries using X-ray technology and hence treating them properly can pose challenges.

A Hialeah car accident lawyer reviewing a settlement offer with a client.

Internal injuries can be incurred and can pose grave health challenges. You could also suffer from bruises, cuts and scrapes with some resulting in long-lasting or permanent blemishes, or in disfiguration. A car accident can also cause you to suffer from whiplash. There are many other forms of injury that victims can suffer from and the general result is a prolonged interval of recuperation. With the help form car accident lawyers, in Hialeah, Florida, victims can seek fair compensation through the court or through a negotiated process.

How Much Can I Expect to Receive for My Damages?

So what do you get after deductions of the Hialeah car accident lawyers’ fees and after your medical bills have been cleared? While many factors determine the amount that remains for you to pocket, most car accident amounts get determined by the magnitude of the injuries, the medical care received, and any loss of wages while you recuperate. No two cases are the same although these three factors are common in all cases.

Once the court has weighed these factors, a determination on what you ought to receive will be made. Some cases could get a payout of $300,000, while others might get $5,000. The amount of available insurance coverage is also a factor that determines what you receive. Hiring Miamilawyers360 makes it possible to look for all obtainable coverage. It is possible for coverage to exist without you knowing about it.

Type of Damages to Recover in a Car Accident Claim

Florida allows you to recover the following types of damages after a car accident:

Economic and Non-Economic

You can expect to obtain compensation for pain and suffering, which refers to the non-physical injuries you suffer because of the accident. Damages can also be in an economic form that caters to the present as well as future medical costs as well as a loss of wages. Personal property damages refer to damages on your property when the accident occurred and include damages on your vehicle and the costs of replacing any medical or electronic devices. With the help of Miamilawyers360, it is possible to determine what type of damage you have incurred and then seek fair compensation for you.

Damages cover medical bills and the losses that occur on your salary or wages if you are unable to work due to injuries or treatment. You could also recover from possible future loss of wages and benefits. Economic damages are tangible and cater to medical bills due to car accident injuries. Non-economic damages cover emotional and physical problems that hinder the victim from having the same quality of life.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are used for penalizing the person that caused the victims injuries and damages especially if they did so due to negligence.

How Determination of Fault Works for Car Accidents

In Miami, judges determine fault once a car accident occurs. They use information gathered by both parties, information of legal representatives, and information provided by insurance claim adjusters. Information from the police officers that were respondents to the accident is also put into consideration.

The law in Miami has limited how long individuals have to sue and one must file a personal injury case inside four years after the injury. It is important to contact Hialeah car accident lawyers because they know the legal aspects involved in car accidents. They can also help to prove that there was negligence on the part of the person that caused the accident either due to recklessness, intoxication, texting while driving or any other causes. At Miamilawyers360, we will help you appeal if your claim has been denied by the insurance firm. We will also help you determine if you have a valid case.

Hialeah Car Accident Lawyers Help with Distracted Driving Settlements

Our attorneys handle all types of car accidents, including:

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has become rampant because many people give attention to other matters and not to their driving. Statistics from 2009 show that about 16% of accidents that resulted in death were caused by distracted driving. It is not always evident right away that the at-fault driver was using a phone to text. Hialeah Car Accident Lawyers have the investigative expertise to determine if an accident was caused by some form of distraction.

A man texting while driving.

Head-on Collisions

Another very dangerous car accident that can cause serious injuries in head-on collisions. Have you been involved in a hit and run accident, or in accidents due to reckless driving by other parties? Miamilawyers360 is available to professionally handle your injury claims against the guilty party. When you incur injuries due to rear-end accidents, we will assist you so you can obtain the compensation you deserve. Should you get involved in a rideshare accident, get in touch with Hialeah Car Accident Lawyers for a free consultation with no obligations.

Rollover Accidents

We help you when you find yourself in a rollover accident, a dangerous type of accident that can leave you with very serious injuries. We also assist victims involved in speedy accidents, and in accidents that involve an uninsured motorist. It helps to have uninsured motorist coverage because the incidents of accidents with uninsured motorists are very high. The coverage is low cost and will be quite valuable should you get into a car accident with an uninsured motorist. Nonetheless, Hialeah Car Accident Lawyers will help you clear the confusion so that insurance companies never exploit your situation.

Our Attorneys Are Here To Help Your Claim

Miamilawyers360 is a team of professionals with years of experience as Hialeah Car Accident Lawyers. Having handled hundreds of car accident cases, we understand how to go about the process of preparation when filing a lawsuit. Most cases get resolved speedily without having to follow the court process. Some cases end up in court especially when an insurance firm is making an offer that we deem to be unreasonable. Even when an insurance company denies your car accident case claim, it is never the end of the road.

The process of car accident lawsuits and litigation is simple and starts when Miamilawyers360 files a car accident complaint. We need your help when filing the case in order to present basic facts that show you have a right to relief. Once Hialeah Car Accident Lawyers file a complaint, the defendant is issued with a summons. Our law firm takes care of all filing and paperwork needed and we also do all the background work to ensure you have a watertight case. We collect all the evidence and get the witnesses ready.

We make sure the cause of the accident is presented in court. We also present evidence of the extent of your injuries. Also importantly, we get the approximate costs of repairing your car from creditable auto repair shops. We help you get the costs of medical attention from a certified medical healthcare professional. All this is presented in court in order to help determine the amount you should be fairly compensated. This is why you have to talk to us at Miamilawyers360 in order to help us build a solid case for you. We are very committed to your cause and very serious about every specific case and take considerable time to prepare for your trial.

We will need details including the names, contacts, and addresses of the other party in the accident. We also need details of the policemen and medical personnel that were at the scene of the accident. We also need photos from the scene and details about the conditions of the weather at the time of the accident.

We need to know if you missed work due to the accident and the log of times when you did not work. We also need your doctor’s medical report as well as reports of other medical professionals that attended to you. If there were witnesses at the scene of the accident, we will also need their details. At Miamilawyers360, we are top Hialeah Car Accident Lawyers. Speak to us and we assist you during the difficult times after you have been in a car accident.

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