Workers compensation insurance is a government-sanctioned insurance cover for all business owners with more than two workers. As such, in the event a worker has been injured or gets occupational illness while working in Coral Gables, Florida, they are legally allowed to file for worker’s compensation benefits. Worker’s compensation is designed to offer injured workers/ employees who have been injured at work relief.

With this insurance benefit, a worker is guaranteed to receive benefits or compensation for their medical expenses, lost income, and much more. Nevertheless, since you will be dealing with an insurance company, both the insurance policyholder (business owner) and the insurance agent may delay the process to prevent you from getting the compensation you deserve.

Here is where we get into the picture. With the help of an experienced worker’s compensation lawyer, the lawyer will ensure your rights are protected and received the compensation amount you deserve. At Miami Lawyers 360, we have a lot of experienced, professional lawyers who are ready to work on your claim.

When it comes to the legal aspect of worker’s compensation benefits; our lawyers are the best. We will help you through every step of the process while helping you avoid the common mistakes many people do while filing a worker’s compensation benefits claim.

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What are Coral Gables, Florida Workers Compensation Income Limits?

There are many advantages of a worker’s compensation benefit. Aside from offering employees relief in case of injuries or occupational diseases; it prevents a business/company from lawsuits (being sued) due to either voluntary or non-voluntary negligence or carelessness.

It is important to note worker’s compensation benefits or insurance is state-mandated. Therefore, the rules and regulations governing worker’s compensation are different from one state to the next. As such, worker’s compensation income limits differ from one state to the others, as well.

Nevertheless, all states have several similarities or guidelines when it comes to worker’s compensation limits. There is no doubt that in every state, the benefit will cover lawyer’s protection costs, court charges, lawful expenses, and the settlement itself. The only difference is going to be the values in each and the cutoff point.

Speak to us to get an accurate cut-off point based on your case, injury, or losses. Our lawyers are in a better position to answer any question you may have and guide you. Furthermore, you will get to know the amount your case is worth. We work on a contingency basis, which means that we will not ask you for anything until we win you the claim.

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What are the Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Coral Gables?

There are four types of worker’s compensation benefits. These four types are defined based on the incapacity period and the degree of inability. The four types are:

Temporary Partial Disability Benefits (PPD)

This type of compensation benefit is awarded to an employee who was injured and has returned to work but earns less than what he/she was getting before the injury. In other words, it is a wage-loss benefit. This type of worker’s compensation benefit is payable up to 500 weeks and comes with a 7-day holding period.

Temporary Total Disability Benefit (TTD)

This type of compensation is paid to an employee during the recuperation period of an injury or occupational disease. TTD benefits come with a 7-day holding period as well. However, if the recuperation or healing period exceeds 21 days, the employee or worker will be paid for the 7-day holding period.

TTD is payable up to 500 weeks as well, with a chance of expanding the time frame under specific circumstances. The benefit is payable weekly not unless the Florida Industrial Commission chooses something different.

Permanent Partial Disability Benefits (PPD)

Permanent partial disability benefit is only awarded when an employee reaches Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI). What does this mean? Well, it simply means that an employee’s injuries cannot medically improve further. As such, the employee will surely be left with scars or some kind of deformity. This means that it is paid when the employee arrives at the end of their recuperating time frame.

On the other hand, it also covers Planned Injuries. What does this mean? These are injuries to a worker’s body part that influence their work execution ability. Florida, worker’s compensation has also included this and allocated 200 weeks of benefits.

Permanent Total Disability Benefits (PTD)

This type of benefit is awarded to a worker under restricted conditions and one who meets specific rules. This type of benefit is awarded forever (or up to the end of a worker’s lifespan). It is payable when a worker has lost both hands, feet, eyes, legs, and any other mix of two body parts.

How is Workers Compensation Benefit Calculated in Florida?

The calculation of worker’s compensation benefit is influenced based on the type of injuries a person sustained (which will be influenced by the four types of compensation), the amount a worker was getting weekly, and a worker’s employment status.

  • For temporary disability, 2/3 of a worker’s average weekly gross pay will be calculated and paid for about 13 weeks. The maximum amount for a temporary disability benefit is $971 per week.
  • For permanent impairment, a worker will receive 75% of their temporary disability rate
  • For permanent total disability, the calculation will be the same as it is with temporary disability, but get yearly cost of Living Adjustments until when a worker gets to 62 years old (birthday). That is because, at that age, that person is eligible to receive social security retirement benefits.

Are Florida Workers Compensation Benefits Taxed?

The short and direct answer is NO! Any benefit an employee receives through worker’s compensation insurance is not taxed, both at the state or federal levels. That is because any benefit an individual gets is taken as an on-the-job injury or occupational illness and therefore is exempted from tax in Florida.

How to Receive Your Workers’ Compensation Benefits With our Lawyers in Coral Gables?

At Miami Lawyers 360, we treat all our client’s cases as though they are the most important thing in the world. Furthermore, since every case is different, we offer personalized services and client support. Our goal is to help those who have been injured fight for their legal right to get fair compensation.

Call us today and speak directly to our Miami Lawyers worker’s compensation benefits attorney. We offer a free consultation service where we get to know more about your case, answer any questions you may have, and offer the best legal action to take.

Let’s not forget that we work on a contingency basis, which means we do not get paid if we lose the case. Furthermore, there are no out-of-pocket expenses or costs we will ask you. We will take care of everything for you and allow you to recover in peace.

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