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We help people who have been injured in auto accidents, personal injury, workers’ injuries.

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Auto Accidents

If you have been involved in a Miami Florida car accident injury, don't fight the insurance company alone.

If you’ve been involved in a Miami, FL car accident seek the services of an auto accident lawyer. A car accident attorney can be a great resource to file any car accident claims.

You may not think that you need an auto accident lawyers’ help, Perhaps you are feeling confident in your ability to act as your own car injury lawyer. While that’s certainly possible, there are some real advantages to having auto accident attorney Tampa fighting in your corner.

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Personal Injury

What is a personal injury - How can a personal injury attorney help?

Personal injury law involves personal injury cases where the services of an injury attorney is needed when someone files a legal claim to recover compensation (This is not workers compensation insurance) for an accident or injury caused by someone else. These cases can take place in civil court proceedings or out of court as part of a negotiated settlement.

The reality is that many claims never make it before a judge because skilled personal injury lawyers work with insurance companies to arrive at fair settlements on their own. This saves time and money associated with court cases.

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Worker's Compensation

Workmen’s compensation provides you with rights after a work accident.

The workers’ compensation board helps over the workman’s comp insurance system is one that is designed solely to protect workers who have been victims of on-the-job injuries. Florida workers compensation ensures that these benefits are available to injured workers regardless of fault. This means that an employee can collect workers’ comp benefits even if he or she is responsible for the accident that led to his or her injuries. In some cases, worker compensation may require the services of a workers compensation attorney. We offer the best workers compensation lawyers in Spanish.

The workers’ compensation system is one that is designed solely to protect workers who have been victims of on-the-job injuries.

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