Most people rely on their jobs to put food on the table. Your paycheck enables you to live a comfortable life and have a roof over your head. Employees in Miami are protected by their employers’ workers’ compensation coverage in case of workplace accidents. Some employees even enjoy benefits such as life insurance, health insurance, paid vacations, and pensions at their places of work. Every employee hopes they never get injured while at work. However, this isn’t always the case. You may suffer injuries while at work.

Luckily, if you are injured at work, workers’ compensation benefits can pay your medical bills. To access your benefits, you have to make sure you handle your workers’ compensation claim in the right way. This starts by reporting the claim. If you are unsure about reporting a work injury in Doral, you can reach out to an experienced Doral workers’ compensation lawyer immediately after your injury to find out what you need to do.

At Miami Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition, our legal team is ready to guide you throughout the claims process. We will inform you on how you should report your accident. If you aren’t sure if or how to report a Doral work injury, a knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer in Doral can help. Contact us today to schedule your free case review.

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How Long do I Have in Reporting Work-Related Injury in Doral, FL?

It’s important to act fast after a workplace injury. This can help strengthen your Doral workers’ compensation claim. Never disregard reporting even the slightest injury to your employer. Your injury may worsen over time.

After a workplace injury in Doral, FL, you have after the occurrence of the accident to report your workplace injury. You should report your injury to your employer or the HR department as soon as possible. If you don’t report your accident within 30 days, you risk losing your workers’ comp benefits.

Make sure to report your workplace accident orally and in written form to your employer. In the event that you are unable to do so, you can notify a loved one to report your accident in writing to your employer.

You have a two-year time limit to file your workers’ compensation claim in Doral, FL. This deadline applies from the date of the accident. You must submit your claim within this period if you’ve been hurt while on the job or if you have suffered an illness due to your workplace conditions. You have one year from your last medical payment to file a claim.

Who do I Have to Report a Workplace Injury to?

The first thing you should do after your accident is to notify your employer. Here, you’ll inform them about when the accident occurred, how it occurred, and the symptoms you are experiencing. Your employer will send you to an authorized physician for medical treatment. Remember to provide the occupational doctor with accurate details about your injury. Always stick to the doctor’s instructions throughout the treatment period.

If your compensation has been denied, you can report the insurance decision through an appeal to the Miami Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC). This agency deals with workers’ compensation claims in Doral and all over Miami. A seasoned Doral workers’ compensation lawyer can ensure you follow the right procedure when reporting your denial claim to the DWC.

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Employer Responsibilities After a Workplace Injury

According to the Miami Division of Workers’ Compensation, an employer should investigate a workplace injury as soon as it happens. Relevant details about the incident should be shared with the insurance provider upon request.

In Miami, an employer should report a workplace injury within seven days to the insurance company. This should be done regardless of how small the injury is. Your employer should submit a First Report of Injury to the insurance company and the DWC.

Your employer is also responsible for your smooth return to work. If you are physically ready and cleared by your doctor to resume work, your employer should not retaliate. An employer should not harass or discriminate against you when you return to work.

Employee Responsibility After a Workplace Injury

Once you’ve sustained a workplace injury, seek emergency treatment for your injuries. This is your responsibility as an employee. If you disregard seeking medical treatment, you can adversely affect your workers’ comp claim in Doral, FL.

You should also report your injury to your employer, who will, in turn, report the accident to their insurance provider. Make sure you report your workplace accident as soon as possible. If you don’t report it within 30 days, your claim will be denied.

When seeking medical treatment, don’t go to any medical provider. Make sure you seek treatment from a doctor specified by your employer. Seeking treatment from an accredited physician ensures your medical expenses are paid for by the employer’s workers’ compensation coverage. Always act responsibly by following your doctor’s advice.

It would be best if you also cooperate with any requests from the insurance company. Do not refuse to go for an independent medical examination once the insurer asks for it. This may raise suspicions if you don’t want to be seen by any physician other than one of your own choosing.

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Employees are the backbone of all industries. Employers run their businesses and make money using the skills and services of employees. Employees also rely on employers to get paychecks for them to live comfortable lives.

While at the workplace, accidents may happen. Some are caused by sheer bad luck, while others are caused by the negligence of other parties. Reporting a work injury in Doral is critical after your accident. An experienced Doral workers’ compensation lawyer can help you get back on your feet after a workplace accident.

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