Workplaces are usually not the safest places on earth. Because of this, workers are at risk of getting hurt while on the job. When this happens, such employers are entitled to get a settlement known as workers’ compensation. Usually, some employees believe they can handle their workers’ compensation cases on their own.

However, there are instances where you need the services of a professional Miami workers’ compensation lawyer. To further understand why you need an attorney for your workers’ compensation case, this article will be discussing the duties of a workers’ compensation attorney.

Duties of a Workers’ Compensation Attorney 

Listed below are six essential duties of a workers’ compensation lawyer.

  • Workers’ Comp Attorneys Ensure You Get the Right Medical Help

One of the most critical steps you take after an on-the-job injury is to see a medical professional. The doctor or nurse will examine your injuries and report the short-term and long-term effects. Without going to the hospital after the injury, the lawyer from the opposing team may decide to use it against you in the case.

Your attorney will ensure you go to the hospital for a proper medical checkup. Furthermore, the workers’ compensation attorney will make sure you go to the right doctor.

  • An Attorney Explains the Workers’ Compensation Process to You

If you have decided to file a workers’ compensation claim, you might need the services of an attorney to help you with the process. For instance, your attorney can help you in filling the required documents and gathering other possible documentation.

You should know that filing a claim is just the first step in the long and complicated workers’ compensation process. Your attorney knows the appropriate steps to take that would make the complex process more straightforward. Also, as the stage progresses, your attorney will walk you through and tell you what to expect at the next step.

  • They Ensure You Do Not Make Any Mistake During Your Claim

There are some times the mistakes of employees could jeopardize their workers’ compensation claim. Some of these mistakes include:

  • Failure to report the injury to the appropriate authorities
  • Giving inaccurate reports to the doctor or not going to the doctor at all
  • Ignoring deadlines and the Statutes of Limitation

Because of these mistakes, your attorney is duty-bound to ensure you do not make an error that will disqualify you from receiving your compensation.

  • Your Workers’ Comp Attorney Gathers Evidence To Help Your Case

The success of your workers’ compensation claim rests majorly on how you can prove that you were injured while working. Medical reports from the hospital, pictures, videos of the scene, etc., can help you with your claim.

Your attorney is responsible for gathering these pieces of evidence that you will present to the appropriate quarters. Additionally, your attorney has the responsibility of speaking to eyewitnesses to get more information.

  • The Attorney Helps With the Negotiation Process

In situations where you need to have negotiations between yourself and the other party, a workers’ compensation lawyer will benefit your case. An experienced attorney is very good at negotiations. This means you will end up with a reasonable amount of money as your settlement.

Your attorney will calculate the damages that your injury incurred and make sure you get compensated for them. For instance, your attorney will calculate your lost wages, medical bills, disability benefits, pain and suffering, lawyer bills, etc., then give the total amount to the defendant.

  • Your Attorney Represents You in Your Trial

After a series of back and forth during the negotiation stage, you might decide to take the case to court if the two parties disagree. That means you are going on trial. For this stage, you need your attorney to back you.

When choosing your workers’ compensation lawyer, you must ensure they are not afraid to represent you in court. This is because the trial process consists of your lawyer and the other party’s lawyer presenting their cases to the jury. This is why you need a professional who can represent you excellently and strengthen your court case.

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