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Every insurance provider’s ultimate goal is to profit from people’s problems, and they will do what they can to minimize or avoid losses. Therefore, never assume that your insurer is out to save you money as an injured worker. You are more likely to be shortchanged and get the least possible settlement if non at all. Things are even more challenging when you have exhausted all possible treatment options, and no further treatment can help. In such a case, you will need to understand Fort Lauderdale maximum medical improvement (MMI) guidelines.

However, you also will find yourself in the thick of things when facing the insurance companies when you pursue an MMI. But you can face them boldly and ensure you get what you rightly deserve as compensation for your injuries, suffering, and losses if you hire an accomplished and dependable workers’ compensation lawyer to represent you.

We specialize in workers’ comp claims and have helped many clients get compensated for their work-related injuries or illness. If you need a committed workers’ compensation attorney in Fort Lauderdale to help you win workers’ compensation benefits, we are the law professionals to hire. Call us at (786) 686-2857 to schedule a non-obligatory consultation and learn how we can help.

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What’s Maximum Medical Improvement?

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Maximum Medical Improvement or MMI is a provision within workers’ compensation statutes invoked when an employee sustains work-related injuries or illnesses are beyond any medical help, meaning the victim will endure pain or disability caused by the injury since there is no effective treatment available. You will be eligible to seek the MMI if your doctor says nothing more can be done beyond what has already been done to help you get better.

The maximum medical improvement will arise while an injured victim receives treatment or has been treated, but issues keep arising. In such a case, the victim will be assigned a Permanent Partial Disability rating calculated using a State legislated formula.

Who Determines When An Employee Has Reached Maximum Medical Improvement?

Your employer or insurance provider has no right to say or suggest that you haven’t reached MMI. According to Florida State laws, only the victim’s doctor or treating physician can determine if the individual under their care has reached maximum medical improvement. It occurs when the attending physician determines that the victim’s condition hasn’t and will not improve with ongoing treatment. The maximum medical improvement implies that the individual’s work-related injuries or sickness are only better as is medically possible, and nothing more can be done.

Does Medical Treatment Continue After A Maximum Medical Improvement Diagnosis In Florida?

Since you still have not recovered from work-related injuries or illnesses, you are entitled to ongoing treatment despite reaching MMI and not resuming work without any restrictions. However, it also is best to note that you could report back to your job but find a few changes meant to help you cope with your work’s demands given your condition. Moreover, you also will be receiving treatment which in most cases is for helping with the pain. Also, your doctor will not offer new treatment after determining you reached the maximum medical improvement.

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What Happens When A Victim Cannot Return To Work Or Perform As Before After Their MMI Diagnosis?

It is hard for an employee to resume work and perform well when dealing with injuries or an illness deemed not to improve with any further treatment. As such, you should continue receiving weekly benefits and ongoing treatment to help manage the pain as you resume work after getting a maximum medical improvement diagnosis.

Suppose the doctor evoked the MMI or believes you are close to one. In that case, it is best to consider making several crucial decisions regarding how you will proceed without risking your chances of getting fair compensation for your injuries, losses, and suffering. Therefore, you should consider a reputable workers’ compensation attorney’s services.

Also, please note that insurance providers will not be quick to compensate you and will even be stricter about the matter when there is a maximum medical improvement, but you can resume work. Conversely, they can decide to offer you a settlement once you have reached MMI because they understand the impact of your injuries or illness on your life.

At Miami Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition, we shall fight to ensure your rights and interests are upheld. We are confident that we are your best bet when you get a maximum medical improvement rating from your doctor and you are feeling overwhelmed by your conditions while dealing with your employer and insurance provider seeking compensation. Your lawyer will liaise with your health physician after getting an MMI rating to determine what’s best.

However, if your condition renders you unfit to resume work even after undergoing treatment and nothing seems to be promising, your doctor will give you a permanent disability rating. It means you cannot return to work. But you could go back to your job if the permanent disability rating will determine if you are eligible to get damages.

Call Us Today To Understand Your Ft. Lauderdale Maximum Medical Improvement

Federal and State laws give you the right to receiving workers’ compensation if you are injured while at work or get sick because of a work-related factor. But the laws or stipulate several conditions that you and your employer much meet for you to get compensation. Your chances of receiving the full compensation are better when you have a seasoned workers’ compensation lawyer fight for your rights and interests.

If your doctor gives you an MMI, you should familiarize yourself with what the MMI (Maximum Medical Improvement) means and how it impacts your chances of getting benefits. At Miami Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition, we know how your employer and the insurance provider will want to exploit all possible loopholes to deny or lower your compensation. That is why we shall take you through all your options, advising and guiding you on what you must do to secure your rights and interest.

We specialize in workers’ comp claims and have helped many clients get compensated for their work-related injuries or illness. If you need a committed attorney to help you win the maximum medical improvement in Ft. Lauderdale, then we are the law professionals to hire. Call us at (786) 686-2857 to schedule a non-obligatory consultation and learn how we can help.

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