Most of us spend our days working in some capacity. We often put in long hours, sometimes in less-than-ideal working conditions, but most of the time we finish our work days without incident. In some lines of work, however, there is a greater chance that your day may involve more hazardous conditions. Some types of jobs are inherently more dangerous than are others, and construction jobs can be one of these more dangerous types of work. A recent example can be found in an article about a worker injured in a gas explosion. In this story, a 34th-floor boiler room blew up atop a new waterfront condominium. Several people were injured, including at least one worker in or near the boilers at the time of the explosion. The fire department spokesperson alleged that the likely cause of the explosion was a gas leak that had been contained, but that the area remained unsafe because of two large, dangling concrete slabs.

Safe Working Conditions – Your Right, and Your Employer’s Responsibility

It cannot be disputed that construction work is one of the more dangerous work environments.  Regardless of the type of work you do, however, you have the right to work in a safe environment, and it is your employer’s responsibility to provide this. Despite all precautions, the fact remains that workplace accidents will continue to occur, particularly in higher-risk employment settings. If a job-related accident does occur, there are certain things you should do immediately. According to the State of Florida Workers’ Compensation System Guide, there are several things that you must do if you have an accident or are injured on the job. These include:

  • Tell your employer you have been injured, as soon as possible. The law requires that you report the accident or your knowledge of a job-related injury within 30 days of your knowledge of the accident or injury.
  • When you do so, you must ask your employer what doctor you can see. You must see a doctor authorized by your employer or the insurance company.
  • Your employer may tell you to call the insurance company handling your claim; the name and phone number should be on the “Broken Arm” poster that should be posted at your workplace.
  • If it is an emergency and your employer is not available to tell you where to go for treatment, go to the nearest emergency room and let your employer know as soon as possible what has happened.

Learn About Your Rights and Options If You Have Suffered a Workplace Injury

Once you have addressed the immediate concerns associated with a workplace accident, you will want to think about what to do next. If you have been injured on the job, you need to get the facts about your rights and options. Contact a Miami workers’ compensation lawyer today to speak with one of our compassionate legal professionals.  We want to help you to learn what you need to do and how to do it in order to get the results you want.

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