An on-the-job auto accident can happen at any time. Some jobs require driving. Maybe you’re a delivery driver or a traveling salesman. Sometimes, you’re simply running errands for your employer. With how dangerous driving is, it’s not surprising that many crashes involve someone who’s on the clock. If you sustain some injuries in a car accident during your work hours, you might be pondering if workers’ compensation will cover your medical expenses.

Workers’ compensation generally covers injuries sustained at the workplace. Therefore, knowing how workers’ compensation laws work in such situations will help you protect yourself after an injury. In this article, the Miami workers’ compensation lawyers will walk you through what happens when you get in a car accident during work hours.

When Is an Auto Accident Work-Related?

There are certain situations where an accident is work-related. If you were working within the scope of your employment when the crash occurred, then it is work-related. However, it depends on the type of job you have. Some of these work tasks include:

  • Making deliveries
  • Driving from one work-site to another
  • Running errands for your employer
  • Driving your employer
  • Traveling for work-related activities that your employer pays for

If you’re completing a task related to your job or your employer assigns a specific task to you that requires being on the road, and you get into a car accident, it is work-related.

Will Workers’ Compensation Cover My Injuries?

Workers’ compensation is available for employees who suffer an injury while working. Therefore, it applies to traffic accidents during work hours. As long as the car accident is work-related, workers’ comp will cover all the expenses related to the accident. This includes your medical care and lost wages to ensure you stay afloat while recovering from your injuries.

What if I Get Into an Auto Accident While Driving My Vehicle?

There are times when your employer might provide you with a company car. For example, suppose the car accident occurred in a company car or your personal vehicle. You’ll still be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits if you’re out for work-related duties.

However, it is worthy of note that workers’ compensation won’t pay for your damaged vehicle. Workers’ compensation only includes lost wages and medical bills till you recover. You will need to pursue a claim through your insurance carrier or the other driver’s insurance for your car repairs or replacement.

When Does Vicarious Liability Apply?

Vicarious liability would come into play if the driver at fault was performing a job-related duty when the accident occurred. For example, if the employee was making deliveries for the company when the crash happened, it falls under vicarious liability.

Most times, vicarious liability doesn’t apply if an employee is driving to and from work as a part of their daily commute. However, the other driver would need to prove that the employee was negligent in the accident to hold the employer liable.

What To Do After an Auto Accident During Work Hours

If you were involved in a car accident while performing your job function, you might get scared about what it means for your job and your future. However, there are crucial steps you need to take in this critical moment to protect yourself and others. Below are steps you should take after an auto crash during work hours.

  • First, you should call the police and report the accident. The accident report could help you claim your workers’ compensation later. Notifying the authorities also ensures you and anyone who suffered injuries receive necessary treatment.
  • Additionally, you should exchange personal contact and insurance information with the parties involved.
  • Next, you should immediately inform your employer. This step is vital to help you receive workers’ compensation benefits.
  • You might need to see a company-approved doctor right after and submit to specific tests. Ensure you follow through with each requirement, so there’s no reason to deny your claim.

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