Hiring workers’ compensation lawyers can drastically improve your chances of success in a workers’ compensation claim. If you get things right, the lawyer could help you gather relevant evidence, file your claims, represent you in court or meetings, and help you get the best compensation.

However, you may not always get your choice of lawyers right. Perhaps you chose a lawyer based on a recommendation or before you knew what to expect in a workers’ compensation claim and now feel like you’ve made the wrong choice. Sadly, you cannot just change lawyers the same way you change your shoes as you must consider the decision carefully.

Our workers’ compensation lawyers have written this article as a guide. In it, we discuss whether you can change your workers’ compensation lawyer, why people change theirs, and what it could mean for the clients. In the end, you should have a good idea of how to proceed.

Can I Change My Workers’ Compensation Lawyers?

The short answer is yes. You can change your workers’ compensation lawyer. Unfortunately, even with some resources on the internet, not everyone will choose the right attorney to represent them. Fortunately, the law provides respite for this group, allowing them to switch lawyers. The rest of the article will explain why clients change lawyers and if it affects their cases.

Why Do People Change Workers’ Compensation Lawyers?

Now that we’ve established that injured workers can change their attorney, let’s look at why they could make this decision.

Lack of Communication

You must constantly be communicating with your lawyer. However, if your lawyer is not keeping you updated about your case, you could be worried. First, ensure that it is a one-time event, then inform them that you will want to be kept abreast of every development in your case. If they persist in not providing enough information, you may consider terminating your ties with them.

The Case Is Taking Too Long

Many clients will prefer that their workers’ compensation case is completed quickly. However, that may not always be the case. Each case has its unique quirks that could affect the length of the case, so you need to ask your lawyers how long they think your case will last.

However, even when they have given their opinion on how long your case could last, situations out of their control could affect the duration of your case. Learn to differentiate between your lawyer’s fault and what they can’t control.

A Feeling That the Lawyer Is Not Doing Enough

Sometimes, a client may feel that the lawyer is not doing enough to help their case. As a client, it is your right to demand to know what your attorney has done for your case. However, if you’re sure you’ve hired a qualified workers’ compensation lawyer, it is always best to trust them until they give you a reason to doubt them.

The Lawyer Does Not Specialize in Workers’ Compensation Law

A lawyer improves your chances of success. However, not all lawyers specialize in Florida workers’ compensation cases, and you are better off hiring a specialist. The advantage of hiring a specialist is that they typically have more experience in a relatively narrow field of the law.

This experience makes them more prepared for any surprises than the lawyer who occasionally handles workers’ compensation cases. In addition, a specialist lawyer will most likely spend less time getting acquainted with your case as they can draw on previous experience. This expert knowledge may also give them a reputation that could cause opposing counsels to cave.

How Does Changing Lawyers Affect Your Case?

Changing lawyers will affect the outcome of your claim. To begin with, the new lawyer needs to get up to speed with the case. However, depending on when you make the change, this may not give them enough time to do so. Therefore, it is advised that you carefully consider your decision.

In addition, if more than one attorney works on your case, they will have to split the fee they should be paid according to how much work they did. With the prospect of earning lower fees for their work, lawyers may be reluctant to take such clients.

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