Suffering a work-related injury, especially a lower back injury, can significantly disrupt anyone’s life. You may become unable to work at your job or any other employment. If you’re lucky, it’ll be for a short while. However, an injury can permanently disable a person. Therefore, it’s vital to know how much compensation you can get from your employer for your wounds.

A lower back injury can be a significant workplace accident. Suppose you sustain any back injury while at work, it’ll be best to contact a Miami workers’ compensation attorney. An experienced lawyer will know how much you deserve for your injury. Furthermore, they can help you through the process of filing a successful claim.

What Is a Lower Back Injury?

This injury type is a wound to the soft tissues supporting the lower spine. The often harmed tissues include muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Your lower spine (lumbar spine) relies on these soft tissues to hold up the body straight. Furthermore, they support the weight of your upper body. So, any stress or strain can injure any of these soft tissues.

There are two significant types of lower back injuries:

  1. Muscle Strain: A muscle strain happens when muscle fibers tear from overuse or overstretching. Many people call this a pulled muscle.
  2. Lumbar Sprain: This type of back injury occurs when the ligaments in the back are either overstretched or torn.

Symptoms of Lower Back Injury

If your work accident injures your lower back, you’ll most likely first experience an inflammation of the affected part. Your lower back may swell up because blood naturally rushes to that area to start the healing process. Furthermore, you may also notice significant pain in your back.

A strained muscle almost always causes some pain to the back. Similarly, a torn ligament will result in some pain. In addition, the pain may increase as you move around. Therefore, it may be best to see a medical practitioner if you notice any back pains after a work accident. Finally, an early diagnosis can protect you from further damage to your back.

How Much Will Miami’s Workers’ Comp Pay for My Lower Back Injury?

Workers’ comp is an insurance coverage the law requires certain business owners to buy for their employees. If you sustain a job injury, workers’ comp will pay part of your weekly wages and other benefits to you. The amount of compensation you get depends on how long you’ll have to stay off work. That is, the question would be whether you’re receiving temporary or permanent disability benefits.

Temporary Disability Benefits

If your lower back injury prevents you from working for a while, you can receive temporary disability benefits. These payments will keep coming in until you recover from your injury. However, your employer won’t pay the benefits for the first seven days, and the injury must have kept you from working for 21 days.

Temporary benefits are two-thirds of your average weekly wage (AWW). So, imagine you were earning $900 before your injury. In this case, your temporary workers’ earnings will be $600. Furthermore, there’s a legal maximum to this class of damages.

For instance, if your injury was from the 1st of January 2021, the legal minimum is $20, while the cap is $1,011. Finally, under Florida law, you can’t receive temporary disability benefits for more than two years.

Permanent Disability Benefits

Sometimes, you may be unable to work for the rest of your life. This is referred to as a permanent disability. In such cases, you can receive permanent disability benefits. This benefits class is at the same rate as your temporary disability benefits. Furthermore, you’ll keep receiving permanent disability benefits until you’re 75 years old. However, if you don’t qualify for social security benefits, you can receive this benefit forever.

Medical Benefits

Whatever benefits class you receive, your employer will still cover your medical bills. This will include the cost of medical treatment for your back injury. Furthermore, it will cover the cost of any medical equipment. As long as the authorized doctor prescribes the treatment, your employer will pay. Finally, you can also get the price of medical travel alongside other benefits.

Miami’s Workers’ Comp Lawyers Can Get You Compensation for Your Back Injury

Have you sustained a back injury while working in Miami? If so, it’ll be best to hire the best Miami workers’ comp attorneys. Generally, you don’t need a lawyer to file a workers’ compensation claim. However, it’ll be best to hire an attorney to get fair compensation.

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