Workplace injuries can be serious incidents requiring medical care. When a worker gets injured while on the job, it affects the worker and the whole business. This is because while the worker is recovering, their duties might become abandoned. Also, financially, the business and the worker suffer after such an injury occurs.

In Miami, employers pay workers’ compensation to workers that are hurt while they are working. This could cost thousands of dollars for the employer and the business. As an employer in Miami, if you do not want to lose money due to negligence, you need to read this article and learn about seven ways to prevent workplace injuries.

Suppose you were hurt while on the job in Miami, you need to contact a professional workers’ compensation lawyer. Our attorneys would ensure you get the best settlement for your claim.

Seven Ways To Prevent Workplace Injuries

As an employer, it is your responsibility to protect your workers. When your workers are safe and healthy, your business will thrive. This is why we have provided seven ways you can prevent workplace injuries.

  • Check for Electrical Hazards

Electrical shocks are one of the most common workplace hazards Miami workers experience. As a business owner, you need to check plugs and sockets for any sign of electrical issues. When you notice a bare wire or spilled water close to an electrical outlet, you must immediately prevent anyone from getting electrocuted.

  • Put Up a “Wet Floor” Sign

Slip and fall incidents are usually prevalent in Miami businesses. A slip and fall accident occurs when the floor is wet, and there is no warning sign. This is why you need to place “wet floor” signs in wet areas.

These signs would alert your workers when they are treading in such areas. For instance, after mopping or waxing the floor, you must put up the warning. If you do not, and a worker is hurt, the court will charge you with negligence.

  • Store Items Safely

Improper storage of items on shelves can pose threats to the safety of your workers. For example, if a heavy object falls from a shelf, it could fall on a worker and cause injuries to them. You need to ensure you properly keep equipment, boxes, tools, etc., to avoid scenarios like this.

  • Check for Water Damage

It is essential to carry out safety checks in your business regularly. For example, if you notice that there is water damage due to a leak in your roof or flooding, you need to call a professional to help. Water damage and dampness can cause mold to grow in your establishment. Exposure to mold causes health issues like wheezing, stuffy nose, red or itchy eyes, fever, shortness of breath, etc.

  • Cut Down on Manual Lifting and Handling

Constant lifting and handling of heavy objects can have adverse effects on the backs of workers. In the long run, this could lead to a lawsuit for your business. If your business requires a lot of lifting, try to establish a system that would make lifting and carrying of heavy things more manageable.

  • Carry Out Proper Health and Safety Training 

Properly training your staff on health and safety is a sure way of preventing workplace injuries. Your new hires, and even old workers, should go through this training regularly.

You have to ensure your employees can point out the common hazards related to your line of work. They also have to be aware of the proper ways to handle workplace injuries when they occur. Also, it would help if you encourage your workers to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Provide Protection Equipment

Some businesses require special safety gear for their workers. Failure of the employer to provide these gears would increase the probability of a workplace injury. These protective equipment include masks, hazmat suits, gloves, disposable overalls, shoe covers, protective eyewear or goggles, etc.

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