Some of the saddest situations a Miami personal injury lawyer encounters are when they cannot help a client, although they originally had a valid case. However, they went ahead and filed a claim without securing legal representation.

The insurance company was well aware of that and set various traps for the respective person. When accident victims make one of the mistakes they are set up to commit, the insurer denies their claim or devalues it significantly.

In some cases, an experienced Miami personal injury lawyer can still win a satisfactory compensation amount for the client. In others, the decisions made by the injured persons prevent them from taking any other legal action.

In this article, we will discuss not just the reasons to hire a lawyer for any personal injury case, but also the errors they prevent you from committing.

1. Reading Florida Laws Does Not Equal Knowing the Law

Everyone can find the Florida Statutes online and go straight to the sections they are interested in, be it the statute of limitations or the comparative negligence principle. However, this does not mean that you can successfully represent your case. The work of a Miami personal injury lawyer is based on knowledge of the law and a deep understanding of its meaning, ramifications, and interpretations.

2. A Lawyer Handles Your Claim While You Recover

There is also a secondary aspect. You may be in the hospital and then undergoing rehabilitation therapy for weeks or even months. Yet, you should begin your claims process as soon as possible. Insurance companies have their own deadlines, but you won’t be notified of them. Frankly, it serves their purpose to get a claim too late or to be able to delay the entire process until the statute of limitations runs out.

If you want to win the maximum compensation amount you deserve after a car accident or other type of personal injury accident, you should have a Miami personal injury lawyer helping you file the claim from the very beginning.

3. A Lawyer Prevents You from Making Self-Incriminatory Statements

You won’t believe how fast an insurance adjuster will approach you after your car accident. You are barely out of surgery and recovering, with so many questions, like – was everything OK during the surgery, will I heal completely? And here comes an adjuster to ask you about the accident. The only things you should say are the magic words: “my lawyer will contact you.”

Here is why. The adjuster is taking advantage of your vulnerable state in order to extract any self-incriminatory statement they can use against you. From an admission of fault to a very basic “I’m doing better,” the simplest and most common words will be taken out of context and interpreted to suit the insurer’s narrative: that you were not seriously injured or that you were more at fault for the accident.

4. Attorneys Collect Evidence You Could Not Have Access to

You claim that you saw the other driver with their mobile phone in their hand when they crashed their car into you. But how do you prove it? If there are no witnesses to support your claim it’s your word against the other driver’s word.

Or is it? A Miami personal injury lawyer can contact the driver’s mobile carrier and obtain a copy of their log. It contains all the calls they made and texts they sent together with the precise time when they happened. Lawyers have a right to obtain this type of evidence, while you do not. The same reasoning is valid for other pieces of evidence, such as the other driver’s history of traffic violations.

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5. Your Attorney Will File the Required Documents on Time

Once the claims process begins, the insurance company will request various documents and forms. This may be impossible to do from a hospital bed or while undergoing physical therapy. However, once you hire a Miami personal injury lawyer, they become your official representative. The lawyer is authorized to act on your behalf and submit documents for you.

This is why you need legal assistance as soon as possible if your injuries are severe. By the time you have reached the maximum medical improvement phase, your lawyer may be near the end of the negotiations and you will receive the compensation you need to pay hospital bills and restore your family finances.

6. A Lawyer Will Advise You When You Should Not Release Information.

Insurance companies may also give you a medical release statement to sign. This is not a mandatory document in the claims process. Its role is to give the insurer access to all your medical records. When they cannot find any reason to deny your claim, they will try to reduce it as much as possible.

One of the ways of doing it is finding a pre-existing injury or condition and arguing that you are actually suffering symptoms from that old injury. Your lawyer will instruct you to refuse to sign that document.

However, you should know that if your case reaches the court phase, the lawyer representing the insurer or the at-fault driver has the right to obtain your medical records. This is why you should disclose any pre-existing conditions to your Miami personal injury lawyer from the beginning of the claims process.

7. Your Lawyer Can Find Expert Witnesses to Support Your Case

In the most complex cases, the evidence available is quite confusing and it is nearly impossible to determine fault. However, there are specialists whose job is to rely on the evidence to re-create the accident.

These are called accident reconstruction experts and they are used to working for a Miami personal injury lawyer. The report they prepare, as well as the graphics they create, is admissible evidence even in court. When all types of arguments fail, your lawyer will definitely find and hire these experts.

A Miami Personal Injury Lawyer Is Your Strongest Ally in a Claims Process

Our personal injury lawyers in Miami are here to help you seek justice. We know that you are in pain and also worried about paying hospital bills while your wages are stopped. The law is also on your side, but this is not a battle you should fight on your own.

You have to remember that you have nothing to lose if you bring your case to a Miami personal injury lawyer. We offer you a free case review and will represent you on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will not have to pay until we win your case.

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