Many injured Miami workers think they don’t need workers’ compensation attorneys. They think that their employers will pay their benefits immediately when they report their work injury. However, many such business owners first employ workers’ comp investigators. These investigators perform several functions. Their main job, though, is to verify the authenticity of comp claims.

The possibility of a workers’ comp investigation underscores the importance of hiring attorneys. An excellent attorney can ensure you don’t make any mistakes. This is crucial because any missteps can make you lose your benefits. Lawyers can also make sure your employer doesn’t unfairly deny you compensation. Thus, it’ll be best to hire the best Miami workers’ compensation attorneys.

Why Are Workers’ Compensation Investigators Necessary?

If there’s a demand for workers’ comp investigators, it’s because they solve vital problems. One such issue is the high rate of workers’ compensation insurance fraud. Insurance fraud occurs when employees act dishonestly for monetary gain. That is, the worker wants to increase their comp benefits. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) states that the US loses more than $40 billion annually to insurance fraud.

Policyholders then pay this price in higher premiums. Consequently, employers use investigators to ensure their workers aren’t scamming them. Such investigations are more important for employees with a history of filing comp claims.

Workers’ comp fraud can occur in several ways. This could include:

  • Reporting a non-existent injury
  • Describing an ordinary wound as work-related
  • Exaggerating the work accident or injury
  • Staying out of work and receiving medical benefits after recovery

What Do Workers’ Compensation Investigators Look For?

Simply put, investigators are looking for any signs of fraud. They’re essentially checking to see if the employee’s story is true. Furthermore, such an investigator would report their findings to your employer. So, if you were lying, that could be grounds to deny your comp claim.

Notably, workers’ comp investigators employ several tactics to achieve their goals. We discuss some of them below.

Video Surveillance 

Investigators can legally survey workers’ comp applicants or beneficiaries. Usually, they’ll install video surveillance kits where you’re most likely to act normal. For example, investigators can install cameras outside the doctor’s office. Workers’ comp physicians work with employers. So, this wouldn’t be challenging.

These CCTV cameras will record you exiting and entering the building. The investigator would thus be looking for any oddity. For instance, suppose you enter the hospital limping. Then, imagine you leave walking normally. Video surveillance would catch this and expose the fraud. Finally, these recordings would be time and date-stamped to boost their reliability.

Non-Video Surveillance

Workers’ compensation investigators can also apply traditional techniques. These methods would require them to monitor you and your medical condition. So, they can question your friends, neighbors, and even colleagues. Here, they’d try prying out details of your medical condition from them.

Notably, noticing workers’ comp investigators is almost impossible. This is because they’re trained to be subtle and stay hidden. However, there are some clear signs that you’re being watched. Firstly, if your employer doubts your claim, the chances are high that they’ll hire an investigator.

All you now need to do is observe your surroundings for unusual sights. For example, check for new vehicles and faces. Next, you can check for cars with tinted glasses and men in baseball caps. Recurring strangers may also be investigators.

Scrutinizing Your Social Media

Social media can hurt a wounded employee’s case. The pictures you post and your accident narrations can all work against you. For example, suppose you post pictures of you hiking, cycling, or engaging in active sports. In this instance, your employer can argue that your injuries aren’t that severe. But, conversely, they can claim that you’ve recovered enough to resume work.

Therefore, it’s noteworthy that workers’ comp investigators can look through your social media feeds. However, this is only if your settings permit them. Any contrary action would resemble stalking, which is illegal. So, it’ll be best not to post anything concerning your accident on social media.

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