Miami, Florida, has an effective workers’ compensation system. This insurance requirement protects injured and sick workers. Therefore, such employees don’t have to foot their medical bills. In addition, they can get a part of their weekly wages. Suppose you suffer a work-related injury in Miami, then it’ll be best to hire a Miami workers’ compensation attorney.

Furthermore, it’ll help to engage a lawyer early. An excellent attorney can give you tips to ensure your employer pays your compensation claim. Again, such an attorney can guide you through the claims process. With an attorney, you wouldn’t make the mistakes that lead to claim denials. Similarly, you can get the maximum compensation for your injuries.

How to Ensure You Get Your Workers’ Compensation Payment

Below, we explain some steps that can guarantee successful workers’ compensation.

Report Your Injury Early

Reporting your injury is the first step towards getting compensation. Sadly, though, many injured Miami workers miss it from this stage. This step is crucial because Florida law demands you fulfill it within a specific period. In Miami, you have only thirty days to report your injury. Your injury notification should include:

  • The accident date
  • How the injury happened
  • Your current state and symptoms

Once you file this report, your employer should recommend you to a doctor. Usually, Miami employers choose these doctors. If you miss this deadline, your employer may deny you compensation. So, it’s best to report any injuries promptly. It doesn’t matter whether you think they’re minor.

Follow Through With the Medical Treatment

Suppose your boss sends you for medical treatment. It’ll be best to keep such appointments. See the doctor and start your treatment and recovery process. Unfortunately, many wounded Miami workers neglect their injury treatment. They don’t know that this can harm a compensation claim.

Firstly, insurers can argue that you skipped medicare because you weren’t hurt. In addition, your injury could worsen. Here, your employer can rightly blame this on your irresponsibility. In both instances, your chances of receiving compensation drop significantly.

Gather Evidence of the Accident

Another mistake employees make is assuming their employer is on their side. However, prompt payment of wages doesn’t make your boss your supporter. Instead, insurers often don’t like losing money. They could thus pressure your employer into stifling your claim.

Therefore, it’ll be best to gather evidence of your accident and injuries. For example, you can note the eyewitnesses. Furthermore, getting their names would be excellent. Witnesses are necessary because you may need someone to confirm the accident occurred.

Keep Your Statements Consistent

Insurers and employers often compare comp claimants’ statements. They do this to check for any inconsistencies. Indeed, inconsistency is usually a sign that the employee may be lying. This isn’t farfetched, considering the high rate of insurance fraud. So, it’ll help if you got your story straight and stuck with it. Then, tell the same thing to your employer, the insurance company, and your doctor. If you’re caught in a lie, you’ll most likely lose your benefits.

Give Only Limited Medical Authorization

Insurance companies often demand access to employee medical records. This move is usually to weigh the extent and implication of your injuries. Generally, granting such access is harmless. However, this would only be the case if you give them limited authorization.

This would mean restricting access to only medical records of your work injury. Suppose you allow the insurer access to your entire medical history. They can use an old or pre-existing condition as grounds for a claim denial.

Understand Your Recoverable Compensation

Miami workers’ comp offers a wide range of benefits. These include:

  • Temporary disability benefits
  • Permanent impairment benefits
  • Permanent total disability benefits

Furthermore, there are additional benefits such as:

  • Medical benefits
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Death benefits for families of dead employees

Therefore, it’ll be best to understand which of these benefits you’re eligible for. If you do, you’d know whether or not you’re getting what you deserve. Unfortunately, your employer will most likely not explain these to you. So, you’re better off with attorneys.

Injured at Work? Miami Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Can Get You Compensation!

Have you survived a Miami job accident with injuries? Or is it an occupational disease? Whichever the case, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation. First, however, you need the best Miami workers’ compensation lawyers. Generally, you don’t need an attorney for workers’ compensation claims.

However, if you want to get the maximum compensation, you’d need good lawyers. Luckily, our Miami workers’ comp attorneys have significant experience dealing with workers’ comp issues. So, it’ll be best to call us for a consultation on your comp claim.

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