Having a workers’ comp attorney handling your work comp claims is necessary for achieving the best results. That’s because workers’ compensation, like many other civil cases, can be complicated to handle. However, work comp attorneys are trained to handle your case no matter how complex it may seem. In addition, to ensure that you succeed in your claims, your attorney will gather medical evidence and records to support your claims.

They’d also carry out legal research and oversee negotiations proceedings to ensure you get adequate compensation. However, it’s not enough to hire just any work comp attorney to represent you. The type of lawyer you consult can determine how smoothly and hitch-free your case will go. So, it’s essential to consider a lot of qualities when choosing your legal representative.

If you’ve already hired an incompetent work comp attorney, you can change them if you wish. This article will discuss the qualities of a qualified workers’ comp attorney. It’d also discuss tips for when you need to change your attorney.

What Are the Qualities of a Good Workers’ Comp Lawyer?

Your attorney’s competency can significantly determine the outcome of your work comp case. As such, it’s essential to choose your legal representative carefully. Generally, the right work comp attorney should possess the following minimum qualities:

  • Adequate Years of Experience 

A lawyer’s years of experience make them more competent to handle your work comp claim. With an experienced lawyer, the chances of trial and error are rare. Apart from adequate legal practice experience, your lawyer must have worked on lots of work comp cases too.

  • Recommendations 

One way to choose the perfect lawyer for your cases is by recommendations from past clients. The best work comp lawyers almost always get excellent reviews from clients who have hired them before. Thus, you should be careful of lawyers who have no positive testimonials.

  • Staff and Resources

Attorneys are only as good as the resources at their disposal. Don’t consider a work comp lawyer without adequate human resources to pursue your claims.

  • Geographical Proximity 

If you have a work comp case in Miami, ensure that your attorney is licensed to practice in the city. They should also have their base in Miami.

  • Success Rate 

Only consider work comp attorneys with a good record of success.

Reasons Why You Need a New Workers’ Compensation Lawyer 

If you’ve discovered your lawyer’s incompetency, it’s essential to change them before it’s too late. It’s time to change your work comp attorney if you’ve noticed the following:

  • Inefficiency 

Your lawyer must be able to handle your claim with top-notch efficiency. Often, your lawyers may be competent, but with so many cases to handle at a time. As such, they wouldn’t give your case the attention it deserves. If you notice that your lawyers are too busy with other claims, it may be time to change them.

  • Indolence 

When you hire a work comp lawyer, they must represent your interests to the best of their ability. Unfortunately, some lawyers just don’t work hard enough for their clients. As such, you may notice that your attorney is lagging on writing letters to your employer, handling negotiations, etc. If you notice any of those, you must consider replacing your attorney immediately.

  • Lack of Good Communication

You deserve to be carried along in your case as much as possible. As such, your lawyer’s communication channels must be open to you. If your attorneys make you uncomfortable communicating with them or unreasonably delays communication, it’s time to replace them.

  • Your Case Is Taking Too Long 

Working on workers’ compensation claims is time-consuming. However, it shouldn’t lag on forever. One of the qualities of a good lawyer is their ability to lessen your waiting time. If you suspect that your attorney is unreasonably slow in getting results, it’s an indicator that they’re incompetent. Change them immediately.

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