Suffering a severe injury while on the job can be life-changing, leaving you with mounting medical bills and lost wages. In Florida, workers comp benefits are available to provide financial support to injured employees. However, many people are unsure of how long they can collect these benefits for their injuries.

If you’re wondering how long you can receive workers comp benefits for a severe injury on the job, keep reading! We’ll break down how long you can receive workers comp benefits based on different levels of impairment and other important details you need to know before filing your claim.

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Florida Has a Cap of Two Years on Workers Comp Benefits

In Florida, workers compensation benefits are available to employees who suffer injuries while on the job. However, there is a cap on how long these benefits can be received. The maximum duration for collecting workers comp benefits in Florida is two years.

This means that if you’ve suffered a severe injury and require ongoing medical treatment or have lost wages due to an inability to work, you will need to make sure your claim is filed as soon as possible. Waiting too long could mean missing out on important financial support.

It’s also worth noting that the two-year cap applies only if you’re seeking temporary total disability benefits. If you’ve been deemed permanently disabled by a doctor, you may be eligible for additional compensation beyond the two-year mark.

The Level of Impairment Determines the Duration of Benefits

The level of impairment is a crucial factor that determines the duration of benefits for workers who have suffered severe injuries. In Florida, there are three types of disability classifications: temporary disability, permanent partial disability and permanent total disability.

It’s important to note that each case is unique, and determining the level of impairment can be complex. It’s essential to seek legal advice from an experienced Miami workers compensation lawyer before filing your claim so you can fully understand your rights under Florida law.

Temporary Disability

Temporary disability is a type of workers compensation benefit that provides financial assistance to employees who are temporarily unable to work due to a work-related injury or illness. This type of disability typically lasts for a few weeks or months, depending on the severity of the injury and the medical treatment required.

During this time, an injured employee may receive weekly payments equaling 66% of their average weekly wage. In Florida, temporary disability benefits can be paid for up to two years from the date of the accident.

It’s important for injured employees to keep track of all their medical treatments and doctor visits during this period because they will need documentation to prove that they are truly incapacitated. Additionally, any attempt by employers or insurance companies to prematurely terminate these benefits should be challenged with legal assistance.

If you’re experiencing temporary disability due to a workplace injury or illness in Miami, it’s essential that you reach out to an experienced attorney who specializes in workers compensation cases. A Miami workers compensation lawyer can help ensure your rights are protected and assist you through every step until full recovery is achieved.

Permanent Partial Disability

When an employee suffers from a severe injury that renders them partially disabled, they may be entitled to permanent partial disability benefits under the workers compensation system in Miami.

Permanent partial disability benefits compensate employees for their loss of earning capacity resulting from a work-related injury. The amount and duration of these benefits depend on several factors such as the severity of the injury and its impact on the employee’s ability to work.

thee duration of benefits depends on the severity of the injury

The level of impairment determines how long an employee can collect permanent partial disability benefits. For instance, if an injured worker has lost 75% of their hand’s functionality, they are entitled to receive a certain percentage of their pre-injury wages every week up until a specified period.

Permanent Total Disability

Permanent total disability occurs when an employee is unable to return to any kind of employment due to their injury. In this case, they may receive weekly benefits up until age 75 if they remain disabled for life.

To qualify for PTD benefits, an injured worker must have suffered a catastrophic injury such as amputation, severe brain damage, or spinal cord injuries resulting in paralysis. The amount and duration of PTD benefits vary by state law.

In Florida, an employee who qualifies for PTD can receive two-thirds of their average weekly wage up to $971 per week. However, these benefits are subject to annual adjustments based on changes in the state’s average weekly wage.

It’s essential to note that obtaining PTD benefits can be challenging since insurance companies may dispute the severity of your injury or claim that you’re still capable of some form of work. That’s why it’s crucial to consult with a skilled Miami workers compensation lawyer who can help protect your rights and ensure you receive the maximum possible compensation under Florida law.

Additional Benefits Under Florida Workers Compensation

The workers’ compensation system in Florida offers more than just monetary benefits to injured employees. In addition to medical care and lost wage reimbursement, there are also several other benefits available.

One such benefit is vocational rehabilitation services. These services help injured workers who are unable to return to their previous jobs due to their injuries find new employment that accommodates their physical limitations. This can include job training, education, and assistance with job placement.

Another benefit is death benefits for the families of employees who have died as a result of a workplace injury or illness. These benefits cover funeral expenses as well as weekly payments to surviving dependents.

Additionally, those with permanent total disabilities may be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) in addition to workers’ compensation benefits. This federal program provides monthly payments and healthcare coverage for individuals who are unable to work due to disability.

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