Workers’ compensation is a necessary form of insurance that shields injured employees from the costs associated with suffering a workplace injury. Florida employers are likewise shielded from responsibility under it. In truth, workers’ compensation is unbiased insurance coverage that pays benefits regardless of who was at fault for the accident. An employee will still be entitled to payments even if they were at fault.

Additionally, a workers’ comp claim is an act to regulate the payment of compensation for accidental injury to employees among specific groups of employers. One of the main goals of workers’ compensation programs is to properly compensate those who suffer an injury or sickness at work. To learn more about workers’ comp, contact a Fort Lauderdale workers’ comp attorney today.

What is the Standard Workers’ Compensation Settlement in Fort Lauderdale?

The seriousness of the injuries sustained by the victim and their capacity to return to work influence the standard Florida workers’ compensation payout. Your workers’ compensation claim’s actual monetary amount will vary depending on several variables. The typical payment from workers’ compensation is about $20,000.

This estimate, however, comes with a lot of uncertainty and several caveats. You don’t merely get paid the whole amount in the event of a work injury. As a result of the severity of your injuries, your settlement will most likely be less. Your built-in compensation may exceed that amount by periodic payments based on your needs for more severe disabilities, such as eyesight loss, brain injuries, severe burns, and amputations.

Your agreement could be much less than the aforementioned estimate if you can rapidly return to work and do not suffer any long-term damage. Each scenario is different, making it difficult to forecast. The best course of action for you to take is to get in touch with the legal team and ask for assistance. As workers’ compensation claim representatives for many years, they can offer advice and direction.

What Errors Might Ruin My Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Here are some of the mistakes people in Fort Lauderdale often make during workers’ compensation claims:

Notify your manager

You must notify your manager or the Human Resources division of your occupational injury. In addition to being required by Florida law, your employer’s employee handbook also mentions this. Orientation is a must when you start working for a company. In addition to being required by Florida law, your employer’s employee manual also mentions this.

In almost every case, orientation includes a discussion of the occupational injury policy. Your workers’ compensation demand will likely be rejected if you don’t mention your injury. They will contend that your injuries weren’t caused by a workplace accident if you decide to sue your company for damages. If you fail to report the injury, your word will be held against your employer.

Take the drug test

Screening employees for drugs or alcohol is one of the reasons that businesses insist that they take a drug test as soon as possible after an occupational mishap. Your workers’ compensation demand will be rejected if you turn down this drug test. Employers are entitled to know whether drunk employees were a factor in a workplace mishap.

Your blood or urine will be tested for drugs and alcohol before receiving medical care.

Be truthful if you used either of these items at the time of the incident. If you’re fortunate, you’ll be able to continue your employment. If you’ve worked for them long, your company might even be willing to pay for your therapy.

Choose a doctor from the list provided by the State of Florida

Regardless of how you feel about it, if your workers’ compensation demand has been granted, you are not allowed to pick the doctor who will treat your job injury. You can pick a qualified doctor from a list provided by the State of Florida. It is not a very lengthy list.

Your medical expenses won’t be paid for if you object to receiving care from one of these doctors. You’ll likely also forfeit your substitution pay. Injuries sustained at work should be compensated for, and workers’ compensation is meant to help you during this time. Your workers’ compensation claim will be denied if you refuse to take part in your treatment; you cannot expect to get benefits in this situation.

Working a second job

Working a second job while receiving workers’ compensation benefits in Florida is a sure way to have your payments stopped. You’ll get into serious trouble if the Occupational Safety and Health Division finds out that you’re working at another job while on workers’ comp.

You will be required to repay any benefits you have previously received and have your benefits canceled. Additionally, there’s a significant probability that you’ll be required to pay back any medical expenses that the insurance provider covered.

Missing healthcare appointments

Not showing up for healthcare appointments is among the worst blunders some of our clients commit. This kind of behavior is not acceptable. Your employer’s insurance provider will pay for your medical care if you report a work-related injury and receive workers’ compensation. It’s not like seeing your doctor will cost you anything. Your travel expenses will be covered by your workers’ compensation insurance if your employer has a remote workplace.

Our clients never respond satisfactorily when we ask why they didn’t follow their prescribed course of treatment. Most frequently, people claim that they simply didn’t feel like attending their appointments. They can also claim that their physical therapy isn’t helping them. Unfortunately, you cannot choose when your medical progress has peaked. It’s your doctor who handles workers’ compensation.

Get the best workers’ compensation lawyer in Ft. Lauderdale

You would require a workers’ compensation lawyer in Ft. Lauderdale if something you did led your employer to reject your workers’ compensation claim. You should be transparent and truthful when explaining why your workers’ compensation claim was rejected. Your attorney might be able to help you if you made a mistake that prevented you from receiving workers’ compensation payments.

Everything depends on the specifics of your situation and how serious your error was. Don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer if you fear your workers’ compensation claim will be rejected. Speak with a Fort Lauderdale, Florida, personal injury attorney by calling our office. They can determine why your workers’ compensation claim was rejected and what they may do to assist.

A skilled and experienced worker’s compensation lawyer will manage your request made in your name, relieving you of worry and allowing you to concentrate on completing a full recovery. If it becomes essential, they can gather the required proof, advocate for you in negotiations with your employers, and make you a witness in the case. At the end of the day, your Fort Lauderdale, Miami, personal injury lawyer will work with you to make sure you get just reimbursement for your mishap or damage. Avoid taking a chance that your worker’s compensation claim will contain a costly error.

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