Workers’ compensation insurance in Florida isn’t yet a prerequisite for employers. In Florida workplaces, there is always a high possibility of workers sustaining injuries. This is because accidents or mistakes can occur at any time and anywhere. Furthermore, even the most minor mistake can have devastating results for a worker in the course of work.

Because the government wanted workers to have protection if they had injuries, workers’ compensation came into play. Workers’ compensation insurance ensures that employees get the help they need and the medical attention their injuries require. But, unfortunately, Florida does not cover all work injuries.

Therefore, this article will address those work injuries that workers’ compensation in Florida covers. Additionally, in some situations, getting the proper settlement for your on-the-job injury can seem complex. So, you would need the legal assistance of a Miami workers’ compensation attorney to help you with the claim process.

Workers’ Compensation Laws in Florida

Florida’s laws require all organizations with four or more full-time employees to have workers’ compensation insurance. In addition, the Florida government expects construction and agricultural companies with six or more employees to place their employees under workers’ compensation insurance.

Workers’ compensation protects employers as well. So, employees and employers both benefit from workers’ compensation laws. Lastly, independent contractors do not require insurance in Florida. However, if they become full-time or part-time employees, the insurance covers them.

Five Types of Injuries Workers’ Compensation Covers in Florida

One of the settlements in workers’ compensation is the medical benefits. Medical benefits are the payments that a worker gets to pay for doctor’s visits, medications, etc. These benefits help workers during the recovery process.

You will see if you qualify for the settlement when you know those injuries under the workers’ compensation coverage. So, below is a list of five types of injuries under workers’ compensation.

  • Injuries to the Muscles 

Specific jobs and businesses in Florida make workers carry and lift heavy things daily. When these workers perform their duties of carrying heavy boxes or equipment, they may suffer from injuries to their muscles. Injuries like torn ligaments, back strains, muscle strains, sprains, etc., are examples of muscle injuries. Workers’ compensation recognizes these injuries.

  • Injuries Caused by Exposure to Toxic Substances

Some Florida workers have contact with toxic substances while in the line of work. For instance, miners risk facing exposure to coal, while roofers have unhealthy contact with asbestos. So, workers’ compensation insurance covers asbestosis, mesothelioma (a type of cancer), black lung disease, and other respiratory diseases.

  • Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is another injury that Florida’s workers’ comp laws recognize as valid. Some employers in specific industries experience hearing loss and other ear problems because of their long exposure to loud noises. These industries include the manufacturing industry, mining industry, construction industry, and carpentry industry.

  • Back and Spinal Cord Injuries

Accidents like slips and falls can cause a worker to suffer from back and spinal cord injuries. For example, when the workplace does not take the necessary steps to ensure their floors are not wet or railings are in good condition, slip and fall could occur. Other causes of slipping and tripping include improper extension cord placement, poor lighting, bed stairways, etc.

Back and spinal cord injuries can lead to temporary or permanent disability to the employees.  These injuries can also result from road accidents while performing work duties, e.g., trucking company workers.

  • Brain Injuries 

The brain is one of the most vital parts of the body, and an injury to the brain can lead to disastrous consequences for the victim. For example, when a worker experiences a sharp blow to the head due to falling, heavy equipment falling on the worker’s head, or even motor vehicle accidents, they might have brain injuries. An injury to the brain can lead to paralysis, disability, and death.

You should, however, note that workers’ comp insurance does not cover pain and suffering. “Pain and suffering” is a term that refers to the physical and mental pain employees suffer due to injuries.

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