An experienced Miami car accident lawyer knows that you are worried about getting in debt due to medical care costs. However, rest assured that all expenses for necessary treatments are eligible to be added to your insurance claim.

Your attorney will negotiate with the at-fault driver’s insurer to compensate you for the following types of treatments:

1. Emergency Medical Care

As soon as possible after the accident, you must go to the nearest ER or hospital to receive urgent treatment and get diagnosed. If you suffered severe injuries, you should call an ambulance and receive emergency care at the accident scene. The EMTs will then take you to the nearest hospital for diagnostic tests and further treatments.

Getting examined by a doctor as soon as possible after the accident is essential to identify any hidden injuries, some of which may be life-threatening. Also, the date and time and the findings in the initial medical report will prove that the car accident was the cause of your injuries.

2. Hospitalization

Even if you did not suffer severe car accident injuries, you will likely spend a few days in hospital. First of all, doctors want to keep you under observation to make sure that your condition does not worsen.

Also, some injuries have delayed symptoms, which start showing a few days after the crash. You may undergo various diagnostic tests, such as:

  • Blood tests
  • MRI
  • X-ray
  • CT scan.

Your lawyer will calculate all your expenses with tests and hospital stay and add them to your total economic damages.

3. Surgery

Surgeries are necessary for various types of car accident injuries, including:

  • Broken bones
  • Dislocated joints
  • Head and neck injuries
  • Spine and spinal cord injuries.

Depending on the complexity, surgeries can end up costing tens of thousands of dollars. However, you will not pay a single dollar out of your pocket. Once your lawyer notifies the hospital that you are filing a car accident claim, they will set up a medical lien and recover these costs out of your settlement amount.

your Miami car accident lawyer can help you recover medical care costs

4. Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Care

Recovering after a car accident may take a lot of time and specialized treatments. Physical therapy and chiropractic are non-invasive therapies that aim to:

  • Help you find relief from pain
  • Recover your full range of movements
  • Build muscle strength and flexibility
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Prevent the formation of scar tissue.

These types of treatment are medically necessary for your healing. Thus, the expenses for all therapy sessions will be added by your Miami car accident attorney to your total damages.

5. Medication

Specialized drugs may be necessary to prevent infection, manage pain, and reduce inflammation. You must keep all your prescriptions and the receipts for refilling them. They will help your lawyer justify the claim amount specified in the demand letter.

6. Medical Equipment and Assistive Devices

During the recovery, you may have to use various devices and equipment, such as:

  • Brace
  • Cast
  • Walking frame
  • Wheelchair.

You will be compensated for the cost of purchasing or renting these devices.

7. Continuing Life Care

In some cases, car accident injuries are so severe that they cause a permanent disability or impairment. In the worst-case scenarios, the patient will require continuous nursing care or assistance with activities of daily living.

An experienced lawyer will obtain relevant evidence that you require such care and add the future costs of this specialized treatment to your economic damages.

A Skilled Miami Car Accident Lawyer Will Help You Recover Your Damages!

Medical care after a car crash is very expensive, but also necessary to ensure your recovery. And the law is on your side. Florida now uses a comparative negligence principle in all personal injury cases. Thus, the at-fault driver’s insurance company has to compensate you for all eligible damages, including medical care costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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