The COVID-19 pandemic altered life as we knew it. From the education sector to the employment sphere, everything took a hit. So, Florida’s workers’ compensation system wasn’t left unscathed by the pandemic. Instead, Miami workers’ comp lawyers have dealt with new dynamics since the pandemic. For example, many employees want to know whether workers’ comp laws apply as they did before the pandemic.

Some others are curious as to whether the comp system covers remote workers. Yet again, there’s the issue of whether COVID-19 is a compensable disease. Many lawyers are struggling with these issues. So, we reckon it’ll be harder for laypeople. Therefore, it’ll be best to speak to a Miami workers’ comp attorney as soon as the need arises. An excellent layer can set the law straight for you. They can also get you any benefits you deserve.

Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Affected Miami Workers’ Compensation?

Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected the workers’ comp system. Fortunately, many of the earlier predictions failed. However, it’s crucial to know what aspects were affected. This way, you can know what remained the same despite the pandemic. We discuss some of these effects.

Do I Still Have to Report My Injury?

Yes, notifying your employer of your work injury remains a crucial duty. This is because the entire comp system depends on your employer’s knowledge of your status. Furthermore, injury notification is more vital for remote workers. Business owners can’t have constructive knowledge of remote employees’ injuries.

So, it’ll be best to remember Florida’s 30-day notification window. Suppose you miss this deadline. Then, you may lose your right to compensation. Fortunately, many companies have online reporting systems. You can thus notify your employer of your injury from anywhere.

Employers Must Authorise Local Physicians for Injured Workers

Miami employers have the right to authorize treating physicians. These doctors can operate from anywhere. Furthermore, the injured employee will have to visit that particular doctor. However, since the COVID-19 pandemic, the law now requires business owners to select and authorize local physicians.

This requirement aims to prevent employees from traveling long distances for treatment. In addition, it’s a welcome development since it’ll help stem the spread of the virus. It’ll also ensure that the employee doesn’t add the virus to their list of health concerns.

What if I Get COVID-19 While Working?

There’s a significant chance you could get the virus while working in Miami. The risk is higher for frontline and essential health workers. Therefore, you must know whether you can recover comp benefits for COVID-19. Notably, recovering comp benefits for COVID-19 will be challenging. You’ll have to prove that you:

  • Contracted the disease during your employment, or
  • You’re a frontline worker or hospital personnel

So, you must link your COVID-19 compensation claim to your job. Suppose you contracted the virus during a personal engagement. Then, you’ll have no right to compensation. Your medical records may help prove your disease is work-related.

Recoverable Benefits From a COVID-19 Workers’ Comp Claim

Firstly, COVID-19 leads to incurring significant medical bills. Therefore, a successful comp claim will replace these expenses. Medical benefits here can include bills from the testing to the treatment stage. Furthermore, you may recover other consequential medical expenses.

Contracting COVID-19 means that you’ll miss work for some time. Firstly, the virus will affect your working capacity. In addition, you must quarantine so that you don’t infect your fellow workers. Comp benefits must thus include compensation for your lost wages within this period.

When Should I File a COVID-19 Workers’ Compensation Claim?

The success of workers’ comp claims often depends on their filing date. So, these timelines are essential for COVID-19 claims too. Many employees wonder whether they can claim when they suspect they’ve been exposed to the virus.

Some others want to wait for the diagnosis or involuntary quarantine. Of these three instances, though, you have a higher chance of success after your COVID-19 diagnosis. At this stage, you just have to prove you got the virus while working.

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