After you have filed your personal injury claim, you may find out that you have reservations about your lawyer. Therefore, you might wonder if it is possible to change your personal injury lawyer. These reservations could arise as a result of several factors.

Some of them include the lawyer’s inability to adequately respond to your inquiries, distrust or uncertainty over the lawyer’s strategy, and death or disbarment of your lawyer. Additionally, the lawyer’s insistence on doing something different from what you want or the lack of a coherent strategy for your case could sow doubts over their ability to represent you in the personal injury claim.

If you are unsure that you are getting the right advice or representation or facing frequent delays, it might be time to change lawyers. At Miami Lawyers 360, we offer the best representation. So contact us if you need an experienced injury attorney.

Is Your Right To Choose a Lawyer Guaranteed by Law? 

As you may know, the right to choose your lawyer is guaranteed by the United States constitution. One of the reasons for this is to ensure that you have the best shot at getting justice. Without the ability to choose who represents you, your chances of getting justice are negatively impacted. In fact, you may find it difficult to get compensation.

Another reason why you are given the freedom to choose who represents you is so that they act in your best interests. If your right to choose who represents you is taken away, you may be saddled with a lawyer who does not care about your interests. Such a lawyer might just be focused on concluding the case without consideration for the repercussions. Therefore, giving you the chance to choose who represents you is an integral part of our justice system.

Can You Change Lawyers During Your Personal Injury Claim?

Yes, you can change lawyers during your personal injury claim. As was previously pointed out, the decision to change lawyers could arise from any number of reasons.

However, because there is a possibility of this right being abused, there are situations in which you cannot change your lawyers. One such case is if changing lawyers delays the case. This exception is put in place to ensure that justice is served at all times. Individuals could easily change lawyers mid-trial without it as soon as they see things are not going their way.

In addition, if the lawyer you want to represent you has a conflict of interest, they would not represent you. There are several instances where a conflict of interest could occur. For example, suppose the lawyer you wish to represent you had previously worked for a firm that represented the defendants in your case. In that case, there could potentially be a conflict of interest.

Thus, you must avoid any scenario that could be seen as a conflict of interest. Not only would it harm your case, but in some cases, your lawyer could be disciplined. You might wonder if changing lawyers could cost you financially, and that’s a fair concern. However, in most cases, clients can change their lawyers without any cost to them.

How To Change Lawyers in a Personal Injury Claim

Now that you are aware that you can change lawyers during a personal injury claim, let us see how that process looks like. Changing a lawyer during your personal injury claim is easier when you have not filed a legal claim. Before that, you can easily change lawyers and have your new lawyer inform the old one of any changes.

If you have filed legal claims already, you would have to do a substitution of counsel. This is a formal notice to all parties involved in the case that you have changed lawyers and prevents conflicts in the future. Until you do this, the attorney on record remains the same.

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