Have you suffered injuries due to work-related activities or accidents? Are you suffering from occupational diseases? If you are a victim of these losses while working in Florida, you are legally permitted to seek worker’s compensation benefits in Miami Springs. Worker’s compensation is designed to help both employees and employers against losses and litigations respectively.

In fact, worker’s compensation insurance is a government-mandated insurance cover, where all business owners must have; if they have more than two employees in Florida. Worker’s compensation will cover or compensate for medical expenses, lost income, funeral expenses, and more.

However, if you do not take proper precautions filing and documenting everything, you may be denied compensation or receive a small monetary compensation value than your actual losses. This is why you need our help.

Our Miami Lawyers 360 workers’ compensation benefits attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience in this field. As such, we will work hard to protect your legal rights and ensure you get the amount you truly deserve. We are the best when it comes to compensation claims regarding worker’s compensation benefits.

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What are Miami Springs, Florida Workers Compensation Income Limit?

Truly, worker’s compensation offers many benefits to both parties (the employer and the employee). The employee is protected by compensating for any losses they may incur while performing a specific job. It also protects the employer against lawsuits.

Because worker’s compensation insurance is a state-required law, all business owners must abide by this for them to be certified. However, it is important to note: the rules governing this insurance policy are different from state to state. This also applies to the income limits and people who qualify to be compensated.

Although this is the case, all American state guidelines have some similarities like the benefit will cover the settlement, court charges, lawful expenses, lawyer’s protection cost, and more. However, when it comes to values, every state has its own.

For example, when it comes to temporary disability claims in Florida, the maximum amount a person can receive weekly is $971. When it comes to permanent total disability, a worker will get yearly living adjustments until their 62nd birthday.

Since it is difficult to calculate everything based on your case, speak to our experienced Miami workers comp attorney. A lawyer is in a better position to calculate everything for you based on your case. Therefore, take advantage of our free consultation service to know more about your case.

Man is injured by falling off of a ladder and will qualify for workers' compensation benefits in miami springs

What Are Florida’s Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Miami Springs?

In Florida, compensation is divided into four different groups. Each group differs from the others based on the type of injury, injury characteristics, and recovery duration. These are:

(TTD) Temporary Total Disability Benefit

Whenever a worker has been injured, and they have to take some time to recover or recuperate, they qualify to receive this type of disability benefit. However, TTD comes with few guidelines, like a 7-days holding period. However, if the worker spends more than 21 days recovering, they will be compensated for the 7-day holding period.

(TPD) Temporary Partial Disability Benefit

If an employee or worker was injured and returned to work but is earning less than they were before the injury: they qualify for this type of disability benefit. Its main goal is to help a worker sustain their previous earnings, which means it is designed to compensate a worker for the lost wages. However, just like TTD, PPD comes with few guidelines like a 7-day holding period and a 500-week cut-off period.

The good news is that the 500-weeks cut-off period can be extended in some cases. Also, it is important to note that the benefit is paid every week unless the Florida Industrial Commission chooses to change this decision.

(PPD) Permanent Partial Disability Benefit

This type of disability is awarded to workers who have reached MMI (Maximum Medical Improvement). This means that a worker’s injuries cannot improve further. Therefore, when a doctor declares MMI, the patient is most likely going to have a scar or a specific disability. This means that the wound or injured part has reached its medical recuperation or healing period.

PI (Planned Injury) also applies when it comes to PPD. PI means that a worker has sustained an injury that affects their ability to perform their work-base duties or affects their ability to execute duties. Like others, this type comes with few guidelines, like a 200-week cutoff period.

(PTD) Permanent Total Disability Benefits

This is a special type of benefit that comes with strict rules and regulations. It is not often given unless a worker meets specific guidelines. First, it is important to note that this benefit is awarded until the worker is of age to get social retirement benefits. It is only awarded if a worker has sustained losses to both hands, legs, eyes, or a combination of two important body parts.

How is Workers Compensation Benefit Calculated in Florida?

Calculation of worker’s compensation benefit is influenced by several factors like employment status, weekly wages, and the extent of a worker’s injury.

In Florida, a worker is going to be awarded 2/3 of their weekly average gross income, and it will last up to 13 weeks. In a permanent damage benefit claim, a worker is going to receive 75% of their temporary disability.

Speak to us to better understand how these benefits are calculated.

Does Florida Tax Workers Compensation Benefit?

In Florida, worker’s compensation benefit is not taxed because it is intended to compensate a worker for their losses. In fact, any benefit an employee will receive through the worker’s compensation insurance is not taxable.

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