The idea of being involved in a car accident often seems far-fetched to most people. That you’re a great driver doesn’t mean others are as careful as you. In Florida, car accidents frequently occur, primarily due to the negligence of drivers.

Based on reports from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV), car crashes occur every 84 seconds. A total of 374 342 accidents happened in 2015. That equals 1,026 accidents every day or 43 accidents every hour. Contact a car accident lawyer following a traffic collision.

How Often Do Car Accident Injuries Occur in Florida?

More than 225 000 persons sustained varying injuries in Florida car accidents in 2015. Nearly 2,500 died, causing an 18% spike from the previous year. Most people think the alarming numbers were due to increased migration into Florida yearly. The increased mileage covered by drivers also presumably contributed.

However, reports on the mileage death rate from DHSMV states otherwise. Compared to other states in the US, Florida drivers are at a higher risk of dying in a car accident than almost any other state. As grim as it may sound, you need to know what to do in the event of a car accident in Florida.

Can I Sue After a Car Accident in Florida?

So many people feel reluctant to sue after an accident if they’re not hurt. You can sue after an accident regardless of whether you sustained bodily injuries or not. Even if you did not suffer any wounds, you could sue for property damages. You can also sue for emotional distress, pain, and loss.

Reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) showed that in 2010, damages from car accidents cost more than $71 billion. Even without body injuries, you can file a car accident claim to recover for emotional trauma and property damages.

Who Do You Sue in a Car Accident?

Typically after a car accident, your first concern is getting medical treatment if needed and sending your car for repairs. Following all the necessary things done at the scene of an accident, the next logical question is, “who do I sue after an accident?”

The answer to the question is dependent on so many factors. They include the state where the accident occurred, the laws in that state, and the other driver’s insurance. You also have to determine liability, especially if you’re in an at-fault state.

If you’re the party 100 percent at fault in an at-fault state, suing the other party will be a wasted endeavor. However, Florida is a no-fault state, which implies that each driver gets to pay their medical bills no matter who’s at fault. The parties involved pay using their insurance. Every driver is expected to have Personal Injury Protection Insurance (PIP).

However, if you establish that the severity of your injuries exceeds your PIP, you can choose to file a lawsuit against the other driver. You must work with an experienced car accident lawyer in Florida to determine if and how you should file a suit.

How Much Can I Sue for a Car Accident in Florida?

If you sustain injuries from an auto accident that’s not your fault, you have the right to sue to recover money. Sometimes the money you recover is substantial. However, the amount you sue for or get paid differs from one accident to another.

The money you sue for is not to pay you an equivalent for your losses. It’s impossible to pay victims of accidents and their families adequately.  No amount can sufficiently compensate for the loss of life, pain, and emotional trauma caused by car accidents.

Thus, the law tries to compensate for:

  • Medical bills from treatment, medication, and ongoing therapy or future treatments
  • Cost for repairs for vehicles and property damages.
  • Loss of wages and potential future earnings due to disability

The above losses can be totaled to the last dollar. But some damages are not easily quantifiable, like loss of body parts, permanent disability, or chronic pain. In such instances, you can recover more. Though such losses are irreplaceable, the compensation sum would help victims maintain the quality of life they had before the accident.

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