Who Chooses the Doctor for Workers’ Compensation Claims?

Our personal injury attorneys know that when you’re hurt or sick, having a doctor you trust is vital. Florida’s laws give your employer or their insurance provider the right to choose the doctor who you see after being injured at work.

There are, however, a couple of noteworthy exceptions to this rule:

You Suffered a Medical Emergency

When you need immediate medical attention and there is no opportunity to report your injury to your employer and receive a referral to a licensed supplier, you can seek treatment at an emergency room. Provided that you examine the injury and treatment to your employer as soon as possible, your care should still be covered.

Your Employer Fails to Provide You With Treatment

Perhaps your boss tells you to”walk it off,” once you report an injury and intentionally ignores your request to get a referral to a doctor. Maybe you’ve been in contact with the insurance company about your requirement for therapy, however, the guaranteed referral to an authorized physician. If that’s the scenario, the law allows you to obtain first treatment at your company’s expense.

You Want to Change Your Doctor

If you don’t like the doctor you have been assigned, you’re qualified for a one-time change of physician. If, as soon as you’ve made your request for a change and waited a reasonable time to get a reply without hearing anything, you could be able to choose your doctor for treatment.

Honestly, none of these situations can be easy. It’s far better to have a workers’ compensation attorney on your side. Advocating for your rights if you’re hurt or unwell isn’t a job to undertake all on your own.

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