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workers' compensation

Does Workers’ Compensation Cover Illnesses?

Workers’ compensation is a legislative-mandated scheme for all business owners with more than five employees. Under workers’ compensation, the employer is mandated to have insurance coverage for all their employees to safeguard their health in

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workers comp taxable

Is Workers’ Compensation Taxable In Miami?

Worker’s compensation is received by an employee that got injured while on the job. This worker’s compensation helps cover the lost wages, medical expenses, mileage reimbursement, and much more. An injured worker may receive worker’s

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disability vs workers comp
Workers' Compensation

Disability vs. Workers Comp in Ft. Lauderdale

Worker’s compensation is a type of insurance provided by your employer. It is the right to claim benefits when you get injured while at work. Any work-related injury grants you the right to claim compensation

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workers comp benefits
Workers' Compensation

Workers Comp Benefits In Miami: The 4 Types

Workers comp benefits in Miami are the benefits a worker is entitled to when injured while at work. Workplace injuries are common. Some jobs are more vulnerable to workplace injuries than others. This is why

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